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In Drew University’s copy of the Liber Chronicarum (Latin, 1493) the image and accompanying text of Pope Joan is altered. This type of user interaction is cited as a common occurrence in surviving copies of this text. We propose to study and record the different types of user engagement of Pope Joan from extant 1493 Latin copies to understand the iconoclastic treatment that this subject has suffered. We hope to provide a comprehensive and accessible census of the imagery of Pope Joan, which scholars around the world can utilize.

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The Digital Census

We are contacting 855 institutions in 37 countries with the hopes of acquiring information about more than 900 extant copies of the Liber Chronicarum (Latin, 1493). 

The data details the types of interaction, if any, that were made to the image and the text of Pope Joan on fol.169v. 

Manuscript: Latin version City library in the Nuremberg educational campus, cent. II 98, f. 191v
Manuscript: German version City library in the Nuremberg educational campus, cent. II, 99, f. 183v
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Our goal is host a comprehensive database of Pope Joan imagery. If you or your institution would like to submit your image of Pope Joan to our census, then please fill out the following form, Image Submission

Copyright Information: All images submitted to this website are courtesy of a worldwide collaboration to this project. These images are subject to copyright, therefore please contact each institution if you are interested in acquiring that image of Pope Joan.